Blended Service

At HOUSEpitality Family, we have four core values: innovation, empowerment, knowledge, and integrity. With this service style, we are living into those values.

  • Innovation

    Many restaurants now use QR menus, but they still require you to flag down a server to put in your order or get the check. (Imagine if shopping online meant you could see the products, but had to call customer service to make a purchase!) Our online menu is a giant leap forward, allowing you to order what you want when you want it, right from your phone.
  • Empowerment

    Blended service puts you in the driver’s seat across all of our concepts. At The Boathouse, you can order your first glass of Chardonnay as soon as you sit down. At Casa del Barco, if you decide you want some guacamole halfway through your chips & salsa, you can request it instantly and have it on the table in a flash. At Island Shrimp Co, as soon as you’re finished you can review the check and pay– without having to wait for it to be dropped off, wait for it to be picked up and wait again for it to be dropped back off. That’s powerful!
  • Knowledge

    Our robust online menu allows us to tell the stories behind our creations in ways that a paper copy never could. Curious about the provenance of the goat cheese in your beet salad? Want to learn a little more about the history of your new favorite cocktail? Just click the item for a full description.
  • Integrity

    We believe that hospitality is a distinguished profession, and that hospitality workers deserve a professional wage. By introducing a service fee, we are able to guarantee that level of compensation to our entire team, both front and back house, regardless of which section or shift they work. No additional gratuity is necessary, but anything extra is shared among staff as we have found that blended service truly is a team effort.